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Can We Reform Science Education?

Although 13 days shy of my 5th birthday, I clearly remember listening to a series of beeps coming from our big black desktop radio on 4 Oct 1957. The Soviet Union had launched the world’s first satellite Sputnik I and placed it into orbit in space. … Continue reading

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How a Teacher-Led School is Implementing Reform

By all accounts, Detroit’s school system is in trouble. Yet despite the challenges, Palmer Park Preparatory Academy is implementing reform by restructuring not only teacher/administrator roles, but also how students are organized into classes. Teachers at the 650-student K-8 school … Continue reading

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How Should Environmental Education be Taught?

Interest in environmental education is growing, but questions arise regarding how it should be incorporated into the curriculum. Some say the goal of environmental education should be to teach students about the interaction between the human and natural world and … Continue reading

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7 Innovative Ideas that are Being Used in Schools

Education reporter Emily Alpert shares seven of the most interesting ideas she came across while writing about San Diego schools this year. As she says, “maybe you agree with them,  maybe you don’t, but they are bound to get you … Continue reading

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