Who Supports Teachers?

Our guest blogger today is Melodie, who sent us these comments:

Education is a tough field! Before retiring, my husband was an administrator who intervened several times on the behalf of his teachers. I’m finding more parents are led by a false belief that their neglect will teach their children responsibility. More than ever before kids are getting up and getting out the door by themselves, without breakfast, or worse–without a kind greeting or acknowledgement of existence. Some are exposed to chronic abuse. What kid would respect that?

Additionally, these kids are expected to function well at school in a socially acceptable way. Parents have a window of opportunity to turn things around when their kids act out at school. Some do and some don’t, believing that they are doing their kids a favor by taking their side against school officials.

I’ve discovered in my several years of teaching that students do best when their parents and teachers develop a good relationship, practice open communication, and become a team. It can’t be done without trust , respect, and belief in the child. Kids NEED authority in their lives and authority is not effective without a healthy relationship. Hats off to all those parents who support their child’s teacher; a BIG appreciation toward those administrators who back up teachers–you are the REAL leaders who believe in the future of our students!


About mprater

I'm a recently retired school teacher/administrator continuing to help people grow through personal learning. When not blogging, I do consulting work for schools and organizations, make presentations at conferences, and research for publication. At the same time, I have to set aside enough time to enjoy the "good life" of retirement!
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