Prepare Students for Success on a Test

A middle school teacher shared with us her use of the acronym PIRATES to help her students develop test-taking skills. She trains her students to remember:

P     Preview the test and Prepare for success.

I     Inspect the Instructions on every question.

R     Read the source material. Remember the information, and Reduce the possibilities.

A     Answer or Abandon.

T     Turn back to the ones you know how to do.

E     Every question is answered. We Estimate or give it an Educated guess.

S     Scan the test, going back to make sure everything looks like it should.


About mprater

I'm a recently retired school teacher/administrator continuing to help people grow through personal learning. When not blogging, I do consulting work for schools and organizations, make presentations at conferences, and research for publication. At the same time, I have to set aside enough time to enjoy the "good life" of retirement!
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