The Wonderful World of Teaching

I’m sure that you have noticed already one theme throughout my blog: I strongly believe that teachers are consummate professionals who care about kids and have their best interests at heart. Despite external pressures, teachers ultimately know more than anyone what is best for young people in a school setting.

You entered the education field because you wanted to make a difference in the lives of children, and I feel compelled to always encourage you on your path. You are fortunate to work in a profession where you have the power to make the world a better place.

Nothing can replace that special relationship that a gifted teacher like you can develop with your students. Our popular culture celebrates athletes and entertainers, but few teachers are recognized in the same way. That’s all right, because you know what you do every day. And your students know what you do, although they many times never express it in a manner that is easily understood. You influence is engraved in them forever because

You Are A Teacher!!


About mprater

I'm a recently retired school teacher/administrator continuing to help people grow through personal learning. When not blogging, I do consulting work for schools and organizations, make presentations at conferences, and research for publication. At the same time, I have to set aside enough time to enjoy the "good life" of retirement!
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